Welcome to apparate’s documentation!

Make your libraries magically appear in Databricks.

What is apparate?

Apparate is a tool to manage libraries in Databricks in an automated fashion. It allows you to move away from the point-and-click interface for your development work and for deploying production-level libraries for use in scheduled Databricks jobs. To learn more, check out Why did we build this?.


Apparate is hosted on PyPi, so to get the latest version simply install via pip:

pip install apparate

You can also install from source, by cloning the git repository https://github.com/ShopRunner/apparate.git and installing via easy_install:

git clone https://github.com/ShopRunner/apparate.git
cd apparate
easy_install .


To get started, first run apparate configure and answer the questions.

Then you are ready to upload libraries to Databricks, using the apparate upload and apparate upload_and_update commands.

Please see Getting Started for an introduction to the package, and Apparate for specifics on availible options.

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